Welcome Message from Program Coordinator

Social and Political Sciences Program (SPS) offers an interdisciplinary curriculum focusing on Political Science as the major field and covering Sociology, History and Philosophy as supplementary fields. This perspective is mainly pursued at undergraduate level (first cycle). As SPS offers education at both undergraduate and graduate levels (second and third cycles), SPS graduate study programs are tailored for specialization according to the interest areas of its students. An expert academic staff including visiting professors from abroad offers a wide range of courses in order to cover the diversity presented by the program curriculum and also to enable students to specialize in areas of their choice. Program graduates at all levels find career opportunities at home and abroad in both private and public sectors, including the academia. Our mission is to equip our students with tools necessary to establish an understanding of world affairs without disregarding the significance of the “global” in “local” and  “local” in “global”. We are looking forward to enlarging our network with brave, curious, persistent and hardworking explorers in this mission.